Tips for phone etiquette and laptops for students

Mobile phone, love them or hate them it seems we can’t do without them and according to the telecommunications regulator Ofcom we check them on average every 12 minutes.

However, there are times when focusing attention on the phone could be downright rude and the BBC’s tech website has come up with some simple rules of when, and when not, to use your phone:

  1. Mealtimes

They say it is definitely not OK to be checking your phone at mealtimes, whether you are out in a restaurant with friends or dining with others at home.

  1. Loud music

Who hasn’t complained about being subjected to the loud, tinny leak of music or video games from someone’s phone when they are on a train or bus?  It’s about courtesy to others.

  1. Walking while looking at the phone

It can be dangerous! You could have an unwanted collision with a reversing lorry, whose driver could well not be able to see you and if you have headphones on you won’t hear its reversing warning beeps.

Then there’s the nuisance factor of people having to get out of your way because otherwise you’ll walk right into them.

  1. Being on the phone when you should be listening

If your job brings you face to face with the public and you should be focused on them, it can be especially irritating.  They may want to ask you a question but they can’t if you’re ignoring them and continuing to chat or message.

It’s rude and in any case it’s you job to be helpful!

And finally, back to school time…

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