Full Computer Service

We offer a full computer service.

When we are explaining to our customers why their computer needs a service, we tell them to think of their computer as a car, just like a car, a computer needs to be serviced in order to keep in clean, fast and efficient the full computer service offers this!

  • Clean your PC of Viruses & Spyware
  • Optimize your PC by disabling unwanted processes that are slowing your computer
  • Remove covers and clean cooling fans to avoid overheating
  • Install Free Anti-Virus (if required)

The full computer service will resolve many common issues that user’s experience such as overheating (More common in laptops), this will sometimes cause the computer to freeze and lock up. Also, the full computer service will rid your computer of viruses and disable unused processes helping to speed up your computer, and finally installing the Anti-Virus will help protect your computer in the future.

From only £40

For more information on how to maintain your computer so that you may not need a service as frequently, please visit our “how-to” section, where you will find various guides on how to maintain your computer’s health and performance amongst other articles such as general care and maintenance. These guides can also found in video format as well as a walk through, so depending on the user’s capability with a computer all aspects are covered.