It’s by no means cheap but apparently it is good

The starting price for the latest version of MacBook Pro is well above £2,100, according to a review in the Guardian.

However, if you are devoted to Macs and you like to have the latest product perhaps that is not a major issue?

Certainly, the reviewer says it “boosts performance and battery life in an already extremely capable machine”.

It describes the product as excellent and says it offers “decent performance gains” on the previous models.

It is apparently faster, more efficient and with an improved battery life, with full battery charging inn 90 minutes.

Moreover it has improved sustainability credentials being made of 30% recycled materials and has a repair manual as well as the capability to get a replacement battery if needed.

There are a few drawbacks including “no USB-A, no Face ID, no Centre Stage camera, RAM or SSD”.

But on balance The Guardian’s  conclusion is that it is “a truly excellent laptop with serious power and longer battery life than any of its competitors”.

But, as they say, excellence comes with a price. Is it one you can afford?