Video games are now more popular with the young than bands

According to research young people are no longer so interested in music or sports stars. Instead, according to Trevor McFedries, the co-founder of Brud) “Gaming is replacing music as the lynchpin of emergent social scenes”.

According to a report in the Guardian newspaper “Where rock and hip hop were once crucibles of style, cyberpunk and fantasy gaming genres inspire a new generation. Where music venues were once the places youth movements found their most exciting form – Boomers in rock clubs, Gen Xers in grunge bars, Millennials in DIY warehouses – Gen Z meets up with friends online [playing video games].”

As it is the start of a new year, the Guardian has also published its list of the top 20 handheld games of all time.

Top  of the list is the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, and at number 20 is Gizmondo (2005).

You can see the full list here