How to maintain your motivation when working from home

No matter how conscientious we are, whether self employed or working remotely for an employer there are going to be times when we experience a dip in motivation.

This is especially likely in the winter months when the weather is cold and there is little “proper” daylight and the temptation is to just laze around doing very little.

However, there are ways to maintain or boost motivation and these include:

  1. Taking a break from the keyboard and screen to get some fresh air and exercise.
  2. Listening to an inspiring motivational speaker (Google “motivation” to find one). Listening to music can also be inspirational.
  3. Focus on other people and volunteer some free time to help out.
  4. Call a friend who you know has a positive mindset
  5. Perhaps try to learn something new or develop a skill like sketching, painting or learning a musical instrument
  6. Make a list of those things you are grateful for.
  7. Record your great ideas and finally:
  8. Take time to breathe and meditate

Ultimately it’s all about ways of shaking yourself out of a rut.