Good news for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts

Nintendo has announced two new Switch-related products that will be released in September.

The first is the handheld Switch Lite console, on sale from September 20.

The console will have its limitations, according to reviewers, as it can only be played as a handheld and not docked with a television, so some Switch games will also not be compatible with the console.

A new Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest Builders 2, is also being released and will be compatible with Nintendo Switch, though it is unclear whether this will include the Lite version.

A Guardian review describes the game as” is an adventure game, based around building, that gives you the option to flex your creative muscles if you so choose.”

It is set in a world where any kind of building is banned by a destruction-worshiping religion. Players have a companion, called Malroth, who follows them around and its main tasks are to fight monsters and collect materials.

A Guardian review describes this as a “gentle journey”, with “a constant stream of new things to learn” but generally finds it “absorbing and likable”.

You can read the full review here.