We wish you a happy Christmas despite the fallout from fallout 76

It’s not unusual for a newly-released game to come out complete with bugs but the eagerly-awaited Fallout 76 has left critics and users distinctly underwhelmed and exasperated.

One reviewer listed 76 bugs when it was first released in mid-November, although Bethesda have since fixed some.

Problems included missing seemingly-accurate shots, delays in firing, awkward HUD positioning, and server instability. One reviewer said it was “ruined by the mere concept of being on a live server itself, and the fact that this was rushed out before any engaging story elements were able to be crafted to populate this map” and called it “incredibly boring”.

The Metro’s GameCentral reviewer called it “maybe the most badly made video game we’ve ever seen from a major publisher.”

Users, too, have not been impressed with some claiming that the visuals gave them vertigo.

In time, Bethesda may well rectify most of the 76 bugs one reviewer counted, but that may not be enough to win back disenchanted users.

Still, there are plenty of other games out there that you can enjoy – along with a happy Christmas from Ross IT.