Warning over Nintendo Switch security

It has been reported that Nintendo Switch has suffered from a wave of fraudulent attacks and users are being warned to lock down their accounts.

A report by the BBC has found that hackers have been logging into user accounts, often via Paypal or other linked payment accounts. The attacks seem to be particularly targeted at users of popular gaming websites.

The report suggests that “the attacks may be linked to Nintendo’s older account system, the Nintendo Network ID.

“It was used for previous WiiU and Nintendo 3DS systems. It can be linked to the newer, Switch-compatible Nintendo account – which may offer a way in using an older password that may have been compromised.”

Nintendo is advising that people switch to two-factor authentication via their accounts.

Sad news

At the start of April the Guardian reported that their popular tech expert Jack Schofield, author of the “Ask Jack” column had died of a heart attack at the age of 72.

He had been writing for the paper’s tech section for more than 35 years and had helped to launch Computer Guardian, a fully-fledged supplement, which ran from 1985 to 2009.

The popular Ask Jack column was a go-to source of advice and guidance particularly for home users and students on all things computing and tech.

His widow, Rosalind, said: “He was the kindest, most lovely person. In 44 years of marriage he never judged anyone nor passed any derogatory remarks. I know he’s well thought of and I have always said he is a legend.”

RIP Jack.