Computer Upgrades

We offer a wide variety of upgrades,for desktop PC’s and laptops, ranging from software updates to physical updates such as increased HDD space and RAM upgrades, and for PC’s we can do the same as well as external graphic cards for gaming or dual screens, or adding WiFi or speaker systems.


Here are our most popular upgrades:

  • Bigger Hard Drive
  • Increased RAM
  • Upgrade to Windows 7
  • External Graphic cards
  • Software Upgrades


There are many reasons why you might want to upgrade your PC or laptop, sometimes you will find that when you buy a computer they are supplied with just enough RAM for them to run smoothly, but over time when programs are installed and more resources are called upon, this leaves less RAM for the computer to use, thus slowing it down, so a quick way to almost certainly speed your computer up is to increase its RAM. Check out our “how-to” section for further information on how upgrade can improve the performance of your computer and walk through guides and even video guides on how to perform these upgrades.


If you would like an idea on how much it will cost to upgrade your PC or Laptop, or have a look at your system to see what needs upgrading then feel free to Contact Us for a quote!