Unsolicited offers and marketing via your email?

If you’re wondering how you end up with so many unsolicited email messages offering you products and services it could be because it’s being tracked.

This often happens “under the radar” as a result of hidden pixels you might not notice embedded in images or links.

According to Wired “Tracking pixels are typically a single and often invisible 1×1 image inserted into an email’s header, footer or body. You might not see them, but the pixels load when you open the message and feed information back to the sender, allowing them to track you.”

This often means the marketers know your location via your IP address as well as your likes and dislikes, which they can sue to target future messages to you.

There are some steps you can take, such as blocking remote images from uploading, eg. in Microsoft Outlook for Windows 10 (via File, Options, Trust Centre, Trust Centre Settings).

There is more information about minimising tracking here