Review: Google’s standard Pixel 8

Looking for a new android phone?

One reviewer has given five stars (their highest rating) to this latest Google android phone citing “a little smaller, faster and smarter, while lasting longer than the competition”.

In addition, it contains seven years’ worth of updates.

In a nod to sustainability and the environment the reviewer says: “the promise of seven years of Android and security updates, meaning they will be safe to use until at least October 2030. Few others offer as long, bringing Google up to par with Apple’s iPhones”.

The review continues “The Pixel 8 is made with at least 18% recycled materials, including aluminium, plastic and tin…… Google will recycle old devices free of charge.”

The possible drawbacks, it concludes: “price increase, no extended optical zoom for camera, 2D face unlock not as advanced as 3D scanners, raw performance short of best in class.”

Nevertheless, overall it is “still a great smaller phone worth looking at”.

In other news: Apple has advised that if your iPhone gets wet,  DO NOT dry it in a bag of rice. It says it could result in small particles of the grain damaging their devices.

Instead Apple advises: “gently tap out any liquid, with the phone connector facing down, then leave it to dry out.”