New office jargon thanks to the pandemic

Most of us are familiar with those terms that regularly feature in polls of the “office speak” that we dislike.

They include words and phrases like Touch base, Raising the bar, Think outside the box, reach out, Blue sky thinking and drill down.

Now, it seems the pandemic and changes to the way people have been working have added a whole lot more.  Here are some examples…

Free-range worker: an alternative to digital nomad, someone who can work from anywhere.

Synchronous communication: Communicating with someone in real time.

Zoom bombing: gatecrashing someone else’s zoom call

Cloud sprawl: The uncontrolled spread of an organisation’s use of cloud-based services

BC: Before Covid.

Desktop dressing: where you dress for only your upper half to be visible

Have you come across any more new office jargon that makes you want to scream?