Retro gaming is a big deal

Remember the days of your childhood when you would sit with a group of your mates around the TV playing games via a console?

Most likely your childhood was in the 1980s and 90s, when technology had not advanced to the online gaming that is the norm today, albeit still via a console. Now, you can still play greames with other people, but they are most likely people you have never met and often on the other wide of the world.

However, human beings are still deep down social animals who like getting together in the same space as a group and a combination of this plus nostalgia could be what has fuelled a massive revival in what is now called “retro gaming”.

Many people have retained a fondness for characters like Sonic, Zelda, or Super Mario. These people are now adults and possibly parents, and the desire not only to do something with the children may be another influence on the revival.

Perhaps this year’s launch of the new Nintendo Switch, with its updated Zelda and, soon, Mario games has also contributed.

While many people may have bought the new consoles each time they were launched, it seems they never actually got rid of their earlier ones.

Now, they are being rescued from the attic to entertain a whole new generation and perhaps also resurrect the idea of spending “family time” together.

Not only that, but there are now thriving businesses developing from the resurgence.  There is a large and lucrative market for games cartridges and consoles on places like eBay – to prove that hanging onto “stuff” for once can earn money, even if it’s the long-suffering parents who have had to store it all. Some enterprising small business people have even opened physical shops in their neighbourhoods and there are also specialist arcades and gaming cafés.

There is also an opportunity for anyone with some technical/handyman skills.  These consoles are old and no longer manufactured. The older a piece of equipment is the more likely it is that something will break, wear out or go wrong so repairers are likely to find themselves much in demand.

So, the next time your mum asks when you’re going to get rid of the clutter you’ve left behind at home when you moved out you have the perfect answer!