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Another survey from Which? This time 4G coverage

As more and more people access the internet and their emails via their mobile phones, coverage and download speeds can be of crucial importance to businesses if they want to be competitive. It is particularly important for businesses in the service sector, such as restaurants and other venues, that often rely on a percentage of […]

How Good Is Your Broadband?

The latest research from communications regulator Ofcom shows that average broadband speeds in urban areas are more than three times faster than those in rural parts of Britain. Its annual study of home broadband ISP speeds in the UK revealed that the average Internet download rate is now 36.2Mbps (up from 28.9Mbps last year), with uploads […]

The GTX 1080 Ti has arrived

The GTX 1080 Ti the newest and most powerful gaming graphics card ever? It was only released last Friday but already demand has outstripped supply for the new The GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti, NVIDIA’s new flagship gaming GPU. Its GPU frequency has been boosted by 50 MHz and has a redesigned cooling set-up which has […]

What Are The Benefits of SEO For Business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is something that any business that has a website, or even a listing online, needs to consider. In a nutshell, SEO for your business is something that will help Google find you, and in turn, help customers find you. Hiring professional SEO services should be seen as an investment, as if […]

Guide to buying a new computer part 2

Processors Not all processors are created equal, single core, dual core, triple core, quad core, even 8 core processors are now available, most entry level computers will come with a dual core processor, between 2 and 3.0Ghz depending on if it’s a laptop or PC tower, this will allow you to do the basics with […]

Guide to buying a new computer part 1

Ok so you’re looking to buy a new computer, but do you actually know what you’re looking for? What you need? A lot of the people I speak to are never quite sure what they need when it comes to purchasing a new computer. We can all go into Curry’s or PC world and pick […]

Windows 10 Review

Windows 10 Review   Windows 10 has the potential to be the best Windows operating systems yet. With the reintroduction of a start menu with a refreshed look, a new internet browser “Edge” a host of new apps and Cortana -Microsoft’s own built in assistant. I’m going to jump straight in and start talking about […]

Keep Your Computer Fans Clean

Computer Fans – How to keep yours clean A common problem I am seeing with PC’s and laptops is their internal fans are clogged up with fluff and dust, computer fans when they get badly clogged up they are not able to efficiently cool down the CPU which can affect performance and in more severe […]

Laptop Spillages – Seconds Count What to do

Laptop Spillages – How to handle liquid damage I often see laptops that get brought to me at Ross-IT that have been subjected to an unwanted bathing in some form of liquid, the majority of people when i asked them what they did after the spillage said the first thing they did (other than panic […]