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Keep Your Computer Fans Clean

Computer Fans – How to keep yours clean A common problem I am seeing with PC’s and laptops is their internal fans are clogged up with fluff and dust, computer fans when they get badly clogged up they are not able to efficiently cool down the CPU which can affect performance and in more severe […]

Laptop Spillages – Seconds Count What to do

Laptop Spillages – How to handle liquid damage I often see laptops that get brought to me at Ross-IT that have been subjected to an unwanted bathing in some form of liquid, the majority of people when i asked them what they did after the spillage said the first thing they did (other than panic […]

Laptop or Tablet?

Laptop or Tablet which is best for you? If i had a pound everytime i was asked this question, im sure i could retire, there are a few things you need to take into consideration when you have this decision to make. 1. Have you ever used a tablet before? 2. What are you hoping […]

Laptop & PC Anti-Virus Protection Guide

Anti-Virus is essential We are going to cover the need for anti-virus on your pc or laptop, i can hear what you are thinking, “pretty silly topic to cover, everyone knows you should have anti-virus don’t they?” Well you would think so, but you would be wrong! Considering the number of laptops and pc’s that […]