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Playstation Mini

A new Retro-gaming mini machine in time for Christmas The popularity of the console games of the 1980s and 1990s is still growing and Sony is the latest to announce a new release in time for Christmas. The new mini PlayStation Classic will be available from 3 December and the console will include two original […]

November release dates for Fallout 76 and Battlefield

Fallout 76 is an online-only game upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and is due to be released on November 14th 2018. It is described as a prequel to the series of eight Fallout games and will be available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players will […]

A revolution in gaming realism and performance

Gamers excited by the release of the new RTX games cards The newest graphics cards released by Nvidia this month have been called “a revolution in gaming realism and performance”. But, as with any cutting-edge technological revolution it comes with a price, according to some experienced gamers. The new 20 series Nvidia cards come with […]

Tips for phone etiquette and laptops for students

Mobile phone, love them or hate them it seems we can’t do without them and according to the telecommunications regulator Ofcom we check them on average every 12 minutes. However, there are times when focusing attention on the phone could be downright rude and the BBC’s tech website has come up with some simple rules […]

How to protect yourself from RSI

Many of us spend hours every day at a computer keyboard, and increasingly this means a laptop rather than a desktop PC that comes with a separate keyboard. The problem is that laptops are becoming ever thinner and flatter and they are generally not designed for business use, so that keyboards are not set at […]

Time for a post GDPR website update?

Businesses may have to adjust their marketing plans after the GDPR deadline because there are indications that the opt-in rate for email communications had been as low as 10% in some cases. This means that marketing needs to be more refined and more targeted and therefore the first step is to review customer profiles so […]

Help for gamers with disabilities

Manual dexterity is just one of the issues that can affect would-be gamers with disabilities. However, there is help out there, and the latest news is that Microsoft has just launched a new Xbox controller that people with disabilities can adapt to their specific needs. The controller is expected to be released worldwide later this […]

SEO & maximising the potential of your content

Why good content needs the backing of technical SEO for your website It is well known that Google places a high value on regularly uploaded, good quality, new content, such as blogs, on websites. It has algorithms to assess quality no longer simply by focusing on the frequency of key words or phrases, but also […]